How to change spotify username

How to change spotify username

How to change spotify username

How to change spotify username, Changing your Spotify username is a query that has baffled many users. Unlike some social media platforms, Spotify doesn’t offer a straightforward option to modify your username. This leaves users looking for viable solutions to reflect their preferred identity on the platform.

How to change spotify username, In this search engine oriented guide, we’ll investigate the techniques to actually change your Spotify username, giving you bits of knowledge on the most proficient method to explore this cycle.

Whether you wish to embrace another personality or upgrade your security, we take care of you.

Although Spotify doesn’t allow direct changes to your username, we’ll delve into alternative techniques to personalize your profile, enabling you to embrace a new persona while preserving your playlists and preferences.

Join us as we unlock the secrets to mastering your Spotify username, ensuring that your listening experience aligns seamlessly with your identity.

Understanding the Limitations of How to change spotify username

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to understand that Spotify doesn’t allow direct changes to your username.

The username you choose during the account creation process is typically permanent. Be that as it may, you can impact the manner in which your name shows up on your profile through a custom showcase name.

Creating a Custom Display Name

  • Open the Spotify application on your work area or cell phone.
  • Click on the profile image at the upper right corner.
  • Go to “Edit profile” on the workspace or “View Profile” on adaptable.
  • You’ll see a choice to “Edit display name.” You can enter anything that name you decide for your custom show here.
  • Click “Save” to affirm your changes.

Your custom display name is what others will see when they view your profile or listen to your shared playlists. This is the closest thing to changing your Spotify username directly.

Creating a New Spotify Account

On the off chance that you totally should have an alternate username, you can consider making another Spotify account:

  • Log out of your ongoing Spotify account.
  • Create a new Spotify account using a different email address.
  • During the account creation process, choose the desired username.
  • Transfer your playlists and preferences (we’ll cover this in the next section).how to change spotify username

Transferring Playlists and Preferences

Moving your playlists and inclinations from your old record to the upgraded one can be a piece tedious, yet all at once it’s conceivable:

  • Create a playlist on your old account containing all the songs you want to keep.
  • Follow your new account using your old account.
  • Share the playlist you created with your new account.
  • Log in to your new account and copy the shared playlist.
  • You can now customize your new account as you like.

How to Migrate Playlists and Data

Knowing that direct modifications to your real username are not feasible according to Spotify’s regulations is vital when it comes to changing your username.

Nevertheless, by transferring them to a new account, you can still control your stored music and playlists.

You must export your stored tracks and playlists before importing them into a brand-new Spotify account with your desired display name.

Even though this method could take some time to implement, it allows you to easily manage your playlists and music collection without having to change your real login.

You may get a customized Spotify experience by remembering to backup your data before making any changes.

Pros and Cons of Changing Your Spotify Username

Pros:How to change spotify username

Enhanced Privacy: Changing your username can help you increase your online privacy by distancing yourself from your old one.

Fresh Start: You’ll be able to start afresh, leaving behind any associations and history from your previous username.

Custom Representation: You can select a new username that better represents your identity or interests, making your profile more appealing to others.

Improved Branding: Changing your username allows you to create a brand-aligned profile for better recognition, especially for artists and creators.

Rebranding: Ideal for those seeking a rebranding opportunity, such as musicians, to match a new artistic direction.

Personalization: Customize your profile for a more tailored and personalized listening experience to suit your music preferences.

Cons:How to change spotify username

Playlist and Follower Loss: Creating a new account to change your username results in the loss of your playlists, followers, and listening history.

Time-Consuming: Transferring playlists and preferences from your old account to the new one can be a lengthy and tedious process.

Potential Confusion: Friends and followers may not recognize your new username, leading to confusion and a potential loss of connections.

Loss of Achievements: Any achievements, stats, or recognition tied to your old account will be lost when creating a new one.

Disruption: Changing your username may disrupt your existing music library and listening experience as you start from scratch.

Compatibility Issues: Some third-party integrations and services may not work smoothly with a new account, potentially causing compatibility issues.

Potential Workarounds

When it comes to changing your Spotify username, it’s essential to understand the limitations and potential workarounds.

Since Spotify mostly uses display names, it does not provide a direct method for changing your username.

There are a few different approaches to think about, though of How to change spotify username. You can use your Facebook profile name by connecting your Spotify account to Facebook.

Another workaround is creating a completely new Spotify account with the desired username, although this can result in the loss of playlists and followers.

While these workarounds can help you achieve a different username, it’s crucial to carefully assess the implications of each method and weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks, such as data migration challenges.

how to change spotify username


Can I change my Spotify username directly?

No, Spotify doesn’t offer a direct username change option. You can only change your display name.

How might I change my showcase name on Spotify?

Sign in, go to your profile, and select “Edit profile” to change your showcase name.

Will I lose playlists and followers when creating a new account for a new username?

Yes, creating a new account results in playlist, follower, and listening history loss.

Can I change my custom display name frequently?

Indeed, you can transform it as frequently as you need in your record settings.

What are the upsides of changing my Spotify username?

Enhanced privacy, a fresh start, custom representation, and personal branding.

What are the disadvantages of changing my Spotify username?

Disadvantages include playlist and follower loss, potential confusion, and compatibility issues.

Are there alternatives to changing my Spotify username?

Yes, one alternative is creating a new account with your preferred username. However, this results in playlist and follower loss.

Can I merge old and new Spotify accounts to keep playlists and followers?

No, Spotify doesn’t offer a direct merge feature. You’ll need to manually transfer playlists and ask followers to follow your new account.


  • While Spotify doesn’t provide direct username changes, you can personalize your profile through a custom display name.
  • Changing your username can enhance privacy and offer a clean slate without old associations.
  • New usernames enable alignment with personal branding or artistic identities.
  • Be aware of the drawbacks, including playlist and follower loss and potential confusion.
  • Creating a new account is an option but requires careful playlist and follower management.
  • Stay informed about any future changes to Spotify’s username policies for a more seamless experience.